World Bible Theological Seminary

offering a unique curriculum to enlighten every student

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Dr. Melvin Cooper

Dr. Larry G Tolbert

Our Mission

World Bible Theological Seminary was developed on the premises of providing accredited degrees to the Five Fold Ministers of the Gospel.

WBTS with the Board of Directors and Professional staff have developed a
unique curriculum to enlighten every student in three areas of their life. They are as follows: Identity in Christ, Significance in Christ, and Health/wellness in Christ.

By establishing these three entities as well as the tremendous educational
courses, we believe WBTS students will become strong in the Lord, therefore bringing about change to the world, or circle of influence, in which they live.

Our Courses

The courses offered will broaden the student’s perspective of God’s Word.
Some courses the students will identify with, others will challenge them,
however none of the courses are endorsed by this establishment as absolute other than the Bible itself. The courses are simply tools for learning. We agree with the Word in Philippians 2:12, ” ••• workout your own salvation with fear and trembling!”

We look forward to serving you and trust you will have a wonderful experience corresponding with World Bible Theological Seminary.


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